When our children are killing our children, there is more than a problem!

We, THE PEOPLE, are exhausted from tragedy!

Our current representatives are avoiding active responses; rather, they flash statistics at us and shower us with their “prayers” while we demand open, transparent conversation that will generate effective legislation going forward!

Human beings are, by our nature, experts at imposing harm on each other in creative ways for myriad self-serving reasons. What I propose now is to use that self-serving nature and creativity for benefit rather than destruction. Our emotions are running full throttle after hearing about this most recent school shooting, as is expected! We dismiss our children as less than citizens until they become targets of a set of laws drawn up by seemingly apathetic (at best) representatives!

So, in the wake of what I can only hope is the last in a tragic string of violence, let WE, THE PEOPLE, gather our collective fury and use it to overcome our nation’s apathy as we start midterm elections! We, the PEOPLE, can vote for representatives who can/ will REPRESENT our interests in respectful, creative forward-looking legislation!



























































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