Deb Malin for President 2020 September 11th

September 11th Tribute

Captured by the Moment

Steve Perry sings a song of this title which addresses painful memories then turns the listener toward a sense of hope for healing. It seems that the greatest horrors of our nation’s history have always been shrouded in conspiracy theories and backdoor corruption, yet, for a time, we unite under the banners of introspection and/or blame.

Seventeen years ago, I was dressing for my final student teaching evaluation when the first plane struck the World¬†Trade Center. And as I tucked my lesson plans into my briefcase, the second one hit. In a flash, I thought this must have been how my passionate Aunt Mary must have felt when she heard the news reports of the deaths of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., President John F. Kennedy, and the students at Kent State University (among many other notable stories). Needless to say, that morning I didn’t present the lesson that was in my briefcase; rather, in that public speaking class, we had an impromptu round table discussion of the morning’s events.

Today, while I ponder the violence of this anniversary, I find myself unable to escape the seemingly endless violence that plagues our news outlets every day. Schools, theatres, concerts, and just a few days ago, a man enjoying his own company in his own home was shot by an off duty police officer whose defense (as stated in the media) is that she thought that she was entering her own home.

Senseless violence infuriates me! Whether motivated by physical or philosophical differences, if we truly believe that we are “one nation under God (or not, depending upon which version of the pledge of allegiance you choose to recite)INDIVISIBLE,” then WE, the PEOPLE, must choose “liberty and justice for ALL”

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