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Most Wonderful Time of the Year: Taxes

Speaking ironically of course.”It’s the most wonderful time of the year” (so says the song) yet it’s also the time of year when so many are gathering documents for tax time.

Every year, taxpayers wait for our elected representatives to decide what is taxable income, and how much it’s going to cost to have such an income. Like many legislative issues, tax laws have become WAY too complex! The simplicity is that tax pays for government stuff.

So, how do we decide who pays how much and to whom? If we continue to tax income, why not a flat tax? Everyone pays the same percentage of individual salary package.

This gives equity to each citizen and a specific budget for our representatives to work with. Additionally, our representatives can then exhibit servant leadership and representative accountability.

By accepting a salary package that is based on their constituents’ taxes, representatives are encouraged to pass legislation to bolster the economy.

As We, the People, experience economic strength, we are then encouraged to continue to vote for representatives who have our interests at heart. And so the cycle can continue.

We don’t need to scrap everything and start over; we need to find our center and balance. We need to address tax legislation with logic and respect.

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