About Deb


To garner enough interest in reading this that you, the reader, will consider me for the Presidency in 2020

Philosophy Statement

I can only control what I feel, think, say, and do, thus I will actively display respect and kindness to all with whom I come in contact! It is lofty, but I am the author of this quote, and therefore its first practitioner. I encourage all who see this philosophy to practice the simple (but not easy) path it begs one to follow.

Key Qualifications


Amateur (but almost pro) prank caller in high school.

Merged into a (continuous) run as a transVOICEtite to either entertain or distract as necessary for various occupations (law enforcement, teaching, customer service, etc.)

Cunning linguist: I have been able to communicate clearly and effectively with persons of diverse backgrounds utilizing a highly developed sense of self and others to extrapolate not only regional nuances, but also intercultural courtesies to become a relatable conversationalist

All in all, I am a living, dynamic interpersonal artwork and my passion is to pass on the artistry to others

Instruction / Supervision

Implemented creative ways to present verbatim instruction with minimal props for students aged 4 – 86

Designed curriculum for and taught speech, debate, interpersonal communication, and other language arts stuff to Middle school aged through adult learners

Designed and conducted various faculty and student workshops for developing portfolios and professional development dossiers

Trained oodles of dogs, and their equally diverse humans in a wide variety of skills necessary for the time and place that I was training including (but not limited to) obedience, service, detection, and general fun stuff

Assisted in training new coplets while serving in the US Air Force

Organizational Skills

Herded cats while juggling chainsaws and made it look easy for most of my adult life

Designed curriculum guides (per New Mexico Language Arts Standards and Benchmarks) for speech and debate at Alamogordo High School

Organized weekly teen activities for Otero County Juvenile Probation Office Tutoring program

Authored the first Peer Assistance Leaders organizational charter for GHS

Education, Honors, and Certifications

M.A. Instructional Technology

Grand Canyon University Online (never quite finished)

Teaching License (New Mexico and Nebraska) 2004 – expired in 2015

Bachelor of Science Secondary Education, Language Arts

New Mexico State University, 2001

Crimson Scholar (Honor roll) NMSU


Mayor of Awesometown (self-declared) 2013-present)

Most creative question answerer in customer service (2010-2014)

Most creative question asker at staff/ team meetings (2006-2014)

Cheesiest Punster (always)

Recipient of myriad students’ and colleagues’ respect and art work (2000-present)

Who’s Who Among American Teachers (2004-2007)



·          Freelance writer, life coach, dog trainer, people instructor, and a bunch of other fun stuff (Anywhere the Internet can reach) 1985- present

·          Alternative school language arts and technology teacher (NE) 2012-2014

·          Student loan advisor (NE) 2010-2012/2014

·          Team Leader (US Census, NE) 2009-2010

·          Cheese watcher (NE) 2008-2009

·          Technology coordinator & substitute teacher (NE) 2007

·          Teacher 9-12 Public Speaking, Advanced Public Speaking, Debate, and English/ Technology Liaison (NM) 2001-2007

·          Substitute Teacher, K thru High School, (NM)1998 to 2001

·          Workshop Presenter, August 2004

First (and second) Southern New Mexico Reboot Camp Educational Technology Conference, NM

·          Library Clerk (NM) 1991-1998

·          USAF Law Enforcement Specialist/ Bomb and Drug Detection Military Working Dog Handler (Global) 1987-1991




“D will be a positive asset to any staff and I recommend her with enthusiasm and confidence.”

“One of her strengths is her ability to relate to people of all backgrounds and abilities.”

D Hamilton
AHS Guidance Dept.


“…(D’s) neurotransmitters have been leaping over the wrong synapses for at least as long as I have known (her), and that is valuable.”

TM Davis
GHS Valedictorian


“(D has) helped me become the person I never thought I could be.”

T. Smith, Former Student



“…(D has) taught and lived so much that I use every day! Amazing.”

More friends, colleagues and students than I can count


“TWO burritos!!!”

J. Hitchcock, Almost Pro golfer